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Eastern Thought
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  • Human Being

    Human Being

    Il y a heure

    You forgot to talk about zhu ge liang!

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    I can listen to you read a cereal box

  • Piетяф Ряоpаgапdд

    Piетяф Ряоpаgапdд

    Il y a 2 heures

    Dong Zhou stole Lu Bu’s girl This enraged Lu Bu, who punished him severely

  • Karl Starhemberg

    Karl Starhemberg

    Il y a 2 heures

    was i the only one who noticed the yellow best there with a baguette?

  • Katrina Nunez

    Katrina Nunez

    Il y a 5 heures

    0:37 Chinese Person: *Speaks English* Hotel Person: *Trivago?*

  • wind Dr.

    wind Dr.

    Il y a 5 heures

    Three kingdom detail: Zhang jiao is sick and dead. Lu Bu once had a adoptive father, Dong Zhuo bought him. Guan yu used to be separated from liu bei, He surrendered cao cao. Cao cao saw Guan Yu horse skinny and gave the red rabbit horse (Lu Bu horse) to Guan yu. In order to repay, Guan yu killed Yuan shao two fierce men in the battle of Guandu (Yan Liang and Wen Chou). After defeating the battle of Chibi, Cao Cao fled to the north with the remaining army. He met Guan yu in the swamp in the middle (Zhuge Liang planned to catch Cao Cao). Cao Cao said to Guan yu “If it wasn't me, would you see your older broken Liu Bei again?” Finally, Guan yu let go of Cao Cao. (Later, Zhuge Liang almost smashed Guan yu because of this.)

  • LiTsui Gaming

    LiTsui Gaming

    Il y a 5 heures

    Did anyone remember the British Person slapping the German in the but on 6:15

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    15:00 Does this activate anybody elses Siri?

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    Berkay Koçlar

    Il y a 9 heures

    hitler's dad

  • DinosaurUniverse


    Il y a 10 heures

    Bill Wurtz: "China is whole again... then it broke again."

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    Adam Gadish

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    Do the Balkan Wars

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    Insert name here

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    14:07 Me bruddas for years We finally found de wei

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    6:06 Hitler's father is spanking a eunuch

  • Abu Fadhil

    Abu Fadhil

    Il y a jour

    Yes this war was so chaotic that even with this oversimplified explanation, I still have to replay the video sections over and over to follow it. And still, I failed miserably...

  • درع ماس

    درع ماس

    Il y a 18 heures

    مسلسل صقور الأرض تناول جزءا من القصة



    Il y a jour

    Hitler's dad at 6:10 punishing them severely

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    John Smith

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    I laughed way too hard at Hitler's dad at 6:07. XD

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    Aerozona 23

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    This is fantastic

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    袁紹 跟 袁術的讀音好有趣

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    Il y a jour

    I love your video. That way you telling the History is soooooooo Funny. And I’m learning history also.

  • Ivan Lim Chee Kiat

    Ivan Lim Chee Kiat

    Il y a jour

    Game of Thrones appeared like children's sleeping tales compared to Three Kingdoms era in China, with much more twists, bloodshed, dramas, betrayal, treachery, etc.. You pick one.

  • Sjors Nico van Dijk

    Sjors Nico van Dijk

    Il y a jour

    6:08 hitlers stepdad getting in on the action😂😂

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    Le C

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    It's... Lu Bu

  • Acarlin1887


    Il y a jour

    one of the reasons why dynastys would last so long even with generations of inept emperors was because of the centralisation and power placed in the hands of court officials. This was something that came about in the Warring States after the rulership crisis of the Spring and Autumn where nobles would dethrone the Duke's of states or manipulate their power, so the response as seen with figures such as Li Kui in Wei and Shang Yang in Qin, was to strengthen the power of the court, but to deal with the problem of inept rulers, they created a bureaucratic system, largely operated through the prime minister, that could be run even in the absence of an Emperor, however this relied upon the loyalty of court ministers, which made the system a double edged sword as for every good and loyal minister such as Li Si of Qin, and Xiao He of Han, there were less loyal and more malicious ministers such as Wang Mang who usurped the Han briefly, and ofcourse Dong Zhuo. This meant ministers could control the Empire in the face of an absent Emperor, and while a good idea, it enabled malicious ministers, and Eunuchs to operate for self gain, and often enough it would be these ministers and eunuchs who would be the cause of the decline of Dynasties, which is common from the Qin and Han through the Ming with figures such as Wei Zhongxian.

  • William Hunter

    William Hunter

    Il y a jour

    10:18 I didn’t know Mortal Kombat was in real life

  • Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    Il y a jour

    The emperor Ling was being used == not corrupt. If you talked about Shang Dynasty, indeed the last King was the worst. Thats why the Zhou took over. Zhou was unable to control the other states. Thus, the head of each states starts to war to conquer others.. Then you skipped the Autumn and Spring warring period. only after this period is the Qin when Qin conquered the other kingdoms. Then, the Qin second, was being used by the eunuch Zhao Gao and end up the whole dynasty started to have economy downrate and lead to the rebellion of Liu Bang, Han Yu and other princes of the fallen kingdoms. Then, Liu Bang took over the whole kingdom n established Han Dynasty. After that, is the end of 400 years+ Han Dynasty when the royal family was lack of next generation, and when the emperor die, the officer (Dong Zhuo) saw the opportunity and greed came. soon, he became the tryant and this had angered the officers who were loyal to the royal family. Thus, start of the coalition to fight Dong Zhuo. *Overall , what I want to deliver is, I know you want to simplify the history, but please , history is sacred, do not deliver wrong info to the public.

  • Metal Triops

    Metal Triops

    Il y a jour

    Its pronounced “Ka-Chow!”

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    pirania66 pirania66

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    thanks, nice Summary.

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    The Fozzy Bear

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    2:16 use skillshare to rule your new empire.

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    xuyi pan

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    your video is interesting and your content of video is accpetable but is not exactly historical. however, I am ok with this, that this a nice video to learn some about chinese history. subscribed.

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    I think its jain and not jain

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    Dude make such videos on India's history plz

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    6:08 .is that Hitler's father

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    As a FRdownloadr for over 10 years, this is by far my favorite channel. Please keep these coming!

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    6:18 (on the steps) the city burning made his dad angry, so he punished him severly

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    The Chinese invented revolution thousands of years before Europe did.

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    Nightmare 02

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    3:52 the guy with a baguette

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    9:10 guy on the right ))))

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    the eunuchs took over the young emperors rule and killed He Jin, which angered their father, who punished them severely.

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    6:10: This enraged Hitler’s father, who punished the Eunichs severely.

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    history should be tlod like this

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