Khloé Deals With Aftermath of Jordyn's Red Table Talk | Season 16 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Kim comforts Khloé after she receives backlash from talking about the Jordyn/Tristan scandal
#JordynWoods #TristanThompson #KUWTKS16
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  • Mohammad Daghagheleh

    Mohammad Daghagheleh

    Il y a 4 heures

    Khloe’S sadness broke my heart 💔 Tristan I hope 🤞 he picks up the soap

  • Mohammad Daghagheleh

    Mohammad Daghagheleh

    Il y a 4 heures

    2:14 that part broke my heart

  • Abz Xxx

    Abz Xxx

    Il y a 10 heures

    Everyone who is blaming khloe needs to stop it’s not her fault she’s been through so much don’t judge I LOVE U KHLOE

  • Marriane Espina

    Marriane Espina

    Il y a 11 heures

    Sus tulog pero baga makeup hahaha peace

  • 人生を去る年_2生涯 〈3

    人生を去る年_2生涯 〈3

    Il y a jour

    Why the f@@@k do they care

  • oXCassyXo


    Il y a jour

    I love you khloe, you can get so much better❤️❤️❤️😭😭

  • Khulan Choilin

    Khulan Choilin

    Il y a jour

    Khloe now have to understand her oldest sister she never respect her sister thats karma

  • Nour Taha

    Nour Taha

    Il y a jour

    Khloe spontaneously sitting in bed mic-ed up in full face make up.

  • Emelie Elerud Peolsson

    Emelie Elerud Peolsson

    Il y a jour

    Khloé u go girl and u trolls out there giving your opinion shut up, it´s HER life and she does what´s best for her, her family and her daughter!!!!!!

  • Lil Gucci

    Lil Gucci

    Il y a jour

    Khloe you still have millions on your side

  • rogerio maria

    rogerio maria

    Il y a jour

    Real black man don’t like fake booty expect Kanye 😅😅 karma is 💩

  • la la

    la la

    Il y a jour

    so turn off the cameras and find yourself! she does not want to be a tv show but justifies herself on a tv show hmmmm ... come on girllllll plsssss

  • hagar Dishon-Kolodny

    hagar Dishon-Kolodny

    Il y a 2 jours

    People don't understand that the Kardashians may be a bit of divas sometimes but that's whats on TV They have a heart and deserve to have a life that's not just being perfect and pretty all the time

  • Kalle H

    Kalle H

    Il y a 2 jours

    Why are they STILL milking the cheating scandal🤮🤮😩

  • Pandorasoul


    Il y a 2 jours

    Bitches will brag about slashing the tires of their man if he so much as looks at other women, but Khloe says how she feels about Jordyn and she is suddenly a bully?!?

  • K k

    K k

    Il y a 2 jours

    Girl!! Its so hard to believe you are depressed in bed when you have your hair and makeup on point!! I'm not telling your you have to look some type of way but I been in your situation and in that moment I wasn't feeling like doing it hair or makeup or putting those big lashes just to cry and mess up my look! I didn't even care how I look! This look a little fake!

  • scaussie75


    Il y a 2 jours

    Big hugs to big hearted, funny, intelligent woman. Awful to have to go through this and publicly too. I have faith that this experience will make her more focused and careful where she places loyalty and her heart in the future. Time to heal right now, not time to be perfect. I feel bad for their daughter, not only has Tristan bought heartache to her mum he has bought shame to her and her family. He is not worthy of so much love the way he has behaved. Big hugs to all the family xox

  • Ling Xiaoyu

    Ling Xiaoyu

    Il y a 2 jours

    Khloe deserved that shit and nobody sent her death threats. She tried to rally a witch hunt against a young black girl, and nobody fell for her lies and it backfired on her big chewbacca ass.

  • ranya eltayeb hummeida

    ranya eltayeb hummeida

    Il y a 2 jours

    What's goes around comes around and hunting you.. It is a karma law.

  • Pikinini51


    Il y a 3 jours

    If I was Khloe those flowers will be burnt before they reach my sighting I know you fucking lying

  • Marie Deshaies

    Marie Deshaies

    Il y a 3 jours

    Stupid Cunt. Grow some balls 'Kloe'. Keep dating cheaters you idiot mother. If that...

  • susan garnham

    susan garnham

    Il y a 3 jours

    Poor Khloe heart goes out to you yer don't deserve girl!

  • M G

    M G

    Il y a 3 jours

    Khloe is probably the kindest out of all of the Kardashians. She didn’t deserve this.

  • Kalle H

    Kalle H

    Il y a 2 jours

    She defo deserved this. Karma hit her right in her big fake plastic ass!!

  • Maki Gumisad

    Maki Gumisad

    Il y a 3 jours

    I felt this.

  • Bellezza Nera

    Bellezza Nera

    Il y a 3 jours

    A couple of people understand how broken Khloe's soul is. Jordan Craig and Jordyn Woods. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. Let this be a lesson to you trifling ladies out there.

  • Alice & Charlotte R

    Alice & Charlotte R

    Il y a 3 jours

    Death threats are insane. She is not the person who cheated love you Khloe

  • Chloe Valcy

    Chloe Valcy

    Il y a 4 jours

    You gave your soul to make money and the whole family has scripted their life on tv in public so get over yourself Chloé. What goes around comes around! You are an episode darling you and your family choose this life for $$$$. But no one deserves to have life treats...

  • Mavis Stewart

    Mavis Stewart

    Il y a 4 jours

    Klohe is a bully it is in her its not right to treat someone like crap right from the beginning I just hope she can get thru all this very quickly an brush it all away cos khlohe is a wonderful person an has heaps of fans she is strong an she will get thru this life doesn't alwaes go the way we wish it would lucky she is strong an smewea in her is a big heart

  • Caro del Angel

    Caro del Angel

    Il y a 4 jours

    Khloe: I know we´re entertainment, but like, I'm still human Also Khloe: *televises their whole drama and reactions, instead of dealing with it privately, like a normal person*

  • Renuka Gujadhur

    Renuka Gujadhur

    Il y a 4 jours

    Sorry but no one said shit when Jordyn was getting death threats and her sister was being threatened and her mum's house was getting egged and Kim snapped shit. The only one who had her back was actually Kylie. She was allowed to speak her truth. You illiterated, that SHE was the reason Nd called her a liar. So please

  • Renuka Gujadhur

    Renuka Gujadhur

    Il y a 4 jours

    U are super strong and I get it's an effed situation but don't go back on urself and be a hippocrit



    Il y a 4 jours

    what tha hella Tristan,

  • Krissy S

    Krissy S

    Il y a 4 jours

    I get it...theyre famous and they signed up for this but NOBODY deserves death threats against their child. If i were her id take some off and just focus on her and true. This is going to destroy her mental health and she needs to be selfish and take a step out of the limelight. Im in my late 20s and breakups are shit and i cant imagine going through this in front of millions of ppl, no matter how much money id make. The kardashians seem crazy shallow/matirealistic/petty but i dont think deep they are necessarily bad people. They arent a circus act.

  • Sangita Subedi

    Sangita Subedi

    Il y a 4 jours

    Tristan u fucker nasty bloody human being how could u ever cheat on her with 100 women u got such a cute baby with ur face u rascal U r a bloody looser tristan thopson

  • Rasta Hine

    Rasta Hine

    Il y a 4 jours

    Wish they had a LOL REACTION button on here 🤔🙄😂

  • Wendy Peteli

    Wendy Peteli

    Il y a 4 jours

    Shoulda got rid of him first time he did it None of this woulda happened 😂😂😂

  • Karla alegria

    Karla alegria

    Il y a 5 jours

    If u dont want it to b public, why go public? If you are not just an episode, why are u still on tv? Stop crying about, either you are all the way in or you are not. Stupid as hell. Obviously any guy you have a relationship with is going to cheat on you and why, let me tell you, cuz you are FAKE. Come on, you have no respect for yourself or YOUR daughter because you dress and act like a piece of ass candy. Ain't no-one in their right mind gonna take that serious!! Plus literally you are fake. Fake face, fake body, what did you expected???? Ahhhh, you are your family is whats wrong in the world nowadays.

  • Mahsa Shirazian

    Mahsa Shirazian

    Il y a 5 jours

    Tristan was a huge waste of time.

  • SuperStar For Fun

    SuperStar For Fun

    Il y a 5 jours

    still don't understand why Jordyn did that

  • Lola Love

    Lola Love

    Il y a 5 jours

    Jordyn still gonna receive her own karma it’s just question of time

  • Paul Kihiu

    Paul Kihiu

    Il y a 5 jours

    I'm so confused. When Khloe decided to insult Jordyn and be mean to her online what did she expect. To get ice cream? Like???? I feel like they're trying so hard to change the script and make Jordyn look like a villain. But it's not working girls.

  • Beljaminah


    Il y a 5 jours

    This bitch deserve it

  • Iritiana Maoate

    Iritiana Maoate

    Il y a 5 jours

    Fuck Id have a breakdown for TV anyday if im gna get paid millions for it lol

  • The Ifunanya Effect

    The Ifunanya Effect

    Il y a 5 jours

    Lol this is funny "I don't want to go publi" said khole but you are on your TV Show shading a young and destroying her career. Meanwhile you haven't taken time to have a sit down coherent conversation with your man Chief Daddy Tristan. Yes it is wrong that someone should threaten little true, but if you look at it again Jordyn is also someone's kids. Khole my heart goes out to you I'm sorry that you have to go through this nobody deserves this karma or not. But Khole BE WISE SHINE YOUR EYES WELL WELL!!!!!

  • C D

    C D

    Il y a 5 jours

    Lol stop fucking black dudes and you’d be fine

  • Madison-Ray T

    Madison-Ray T

    Il y a 5 jours

    Well stop dating famous people.. Stop dating basket ball players.

  • Susana solís montoya

    Susana solís montoya

    Il y a 5 jours

    Ok, I dont agree with her. Actually the way she behaved it looked to me a little childish BUT it's really sad and sick to know that there were people who threatened her and her baby...

  • S Duri

    S Duri

    Il y a 5 jours

    The plastic surgery is literally just oozing out of their faces.... so gross 🤮🤢🤮🤢

  • Wanda Herondale

    Wanda Herondale

    Il y a 5 jours

    Then don't live from showing your personal life everywhere. They get payed for do the show but now she wanted it private, sorry but really sounds so fake!

  • Nina11J


    Il y a 5 jours

    It is crazy how khloe is supposed to be depressed in bed, but her make up and hair are perfect. I wish i look like that on week end.

  • Kuzeneks


    Il y a 5 jours

    i am always laying with full make up in my bed crying and beeing upset

  • Haya Alsaadi

    Haya Alsaadi

    Il y a 5 jours

    Say whatever the f you wanna say, Khloe do NOT deserve anything like this EVER

  • apple cabonita

    apple cabonita

    Il y a 5 jours

    My heart breaks for you Koko. But i know you’re a very strong person. You can do this! You deserve nothing but the best. 🧡

  • resham sire

    resham sire

    Il y a 5 jours

    What? She still has makeup on!

  • sandy monrose

    sandy monrose

    Il y a 6 jours

    Dnt worry...bé strong 😘

  • Larissa Késia

    Larissa Késia

    Il y a 6 jours

    When Khloe is crying, she reminds a lot Kris!

  • Real Talk

    Real Talk

    Il y a 6 jours

    Jordyn is a dirty ho i still hate that homewrecking fake friend

  • Rana&Cora the BBD mwah

    Rana&Cora the BBD mwah

    Il y a 6 jours

    Khloe, you are the ONLY Kashardian/Jenner woman, that I have 100% respect for. You matter, you are talented, you are beautiful, you are compassionate & are a REAL woman. You will always love your baby & she will ALWAYS love you, I don't feel bad for you....I RESPECT you!❤🙏👊

  • rs jk

    rs jk

    Il y a 6 jours

    Awwe, I feel so bad for her, she acted on the impulse, yes, but it was so human nature for her to do that specially of what happened. Stay strong koko, know that you deserve better, and I hope you heal...

  • Jandine Mahoney

    Jandine Mahoney

    Il y a 6 jours

    This woman is a damn soldier!! Solid Gold👏💕💖 I really hope she finds the love she deserves.

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    Il y a 6 jours

    They look ugly and fake.

  • Sisi Black

    Sisi Black

    Il y a 6 jours

    I feelt so sad when she cried I don't wish this to no one

  • GabyTk10


    Il y a 6 jours

    "I'm not just a tv show.... this is my life" But girl, your life is a tv show, literally. You and your family decide it to be this way the heck years ago, deal with the situation.

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

    Il y a 6 jours

    Hayuuuuu wkwkwkw @qorygore @wearesod

  • Kelly Davis

    Kelly Davis

    Il y a 6 jours

    She looks exactly like Kris when she was talking to the camera

  • Maria Liduina Felicio da Silva LIDUINA

    Maria Liduina Felicio da Silva LIDUINA

    Il y a 6 jours

    Forçá koko estamos com você

  • Yousra lalaland

    Yousra lalaland

    Il y a 6 jours

    Karma is a bitch you slept with married celebrities in the past now your man is taken 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Amelia Smith

    Amelia Smith

    Il y a 6 jours

    “It just sucks it has to be so public” -tweets about it -says Kim can come in with the cameras -is making a series about it

  • Gulzhana Kaliyeva

    Gulzhana Kaliyeva

    Il y a 6 jours

    I hate this fucking Jordan, how ppl can be so cheap, she got so much from this family, and than just jump into sister man. I feel so bad for Khloe, she still human also has blood in her body not water, and betrayal by closest ppl is painful.

  • Armani Hayaat

    Armani Hayaat

    Il y a 6 jours

    Betrayel by someone who is literally ur fam jordyn should be Ashamed of her actions I hope she gets what she deserves for hurting Chloe the way she did. Chloe deserves better. If that slag did that to me I would be doing way more than what Chloe did. Jordyn ur a desperate waste n karma is a bitch Tick tock ...........

  • Ross City of Liverpool.

    Ross City of Liverpool.

    Il y a 6 jours

    Cheap trash