Gordon Ramsay Cooks Breakfast Tacos with Aarón Sanchez | Scrambled

In 'Scrambled', it's Gordon Ramsay vs. The World in an egg-themed recipe challenge. The very first episode sees Gordon take on award-winning celebrity TV chef, cook-book author, philanthropist and all round great guy Aarón Sanchez! Who will come out on top? Full recipe and ingredients to Gordon's taco below!
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Gordon Ramsay's Healthy, Lean & Fit: Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You for Life - po.st/REpVfP
2 Corn tortillas
4 Eggs
2 Scallions/Green onions
1 Serrano chili
2 Tablespoons chorizo
2 Tablespoons bacon
6 Crimini mushroom chopped
1 Shallot
Salsa verde
Pico de gallo
Crème fraîche
Cotija cheese
Pickled red onion
Warm corn tortillas in a pan
Chop shallots, chili and scallions/green onions
Heat pan and add chorizo and cook for 1 to 2 minutes then add shallots and chili’s. Season with salt and pepper
After about another 1-2 minutes where shallots look cooked through, add chopped mushroom to pan. Then add chopped bacon and season
Let all ingredients cook in pan. Meanwhile add 4 eggs to a bowl and scramble
Once pan ingredients have begun to cook down, season to taste
Add knob of butter to egg mixture then add to pan
Mix eggs on and off the heat, always mixing.
Once cooked through add crème fraiche and remove from heat
Place egg mixture to corn tortillas
Top tacos with pickled red onion, cojita cheese and scallions then remaining eggs
Top with favorite salsa (Gordon uses Verde and Pico de Gallo), cotija and cilantro


  • xPhantomBear V

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  • Jael Abraham

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    Il y a 15 heures

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  • Plant Manager

    Plant Manager

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    Armando Delgado

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  • The Athenaeum

    The Athenaeum

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    King Blaze

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  • MemerMeme


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    I come from a Puerto Rican background, both my mom and dad are Puerto Rican. Yes, they’ve taught me stuff, but I love putting my own twist on my dishes and learning new dishes. I want people to see how rich PR is. I’m 23 now.

  • Andy Larson

    Andy Larson

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  • Dionicio Ysassi

    Dionicio Ysassi

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    Rica Ivory

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    goodvibes ONLY!!

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