Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, takes a look at spy scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

To learn more, check out Jonna and Tony Mendez's new book "The Moscow Rules" out now:

The International Spy Museum located in Washington, D.C. is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to educate the public about the history and impact of espionage and intelligence. The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display.
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Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


  • Miller Blaylock

    Miller Blaylock

    Il y a 44 minutes

    I could listen to this lady talk about her job for hours!

  • Saif M.

    Saif M.

    Il y a heure

    where is fast and the furious tho

  • Madalyn Maree

    Madalyn Maree

    Il y a heure

    She must have some incredible stories that she will never be allowed to tell

  • TopoftheGlist


    Il y a heure

    This lady has BDE

  • Jeff Cockmann

    Jeff Cockmann

    Il y a heure

    wigs can be so easy to spot though, wouldn't it be too risky to use them? Even that latex skin.. and these masks, i doubt they use them much.. its kind of easy to tell.

  • Benjámin Dénes

    Benjámin Dénes

    Il y a heure

    RIP that guy who had to take the pills.

  • Starke M

    Starke M

    Il y a heure

    So judging by this... the CIA definitely uses Clergy, Media and Peace corps as covers....

  • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg

    asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg

    Il y a heure

    She contradicts herself, as the Jenifer Garner with red hair would draw a lot of attention...

  • Kai Jin

    Kai Jin

    Il y a 2 heures

    "We don't recommend it." *subliminal wink*

  • sld1776


    Il y a 2 heures

    Wait, the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA is married to the other Chief of Disguise for the CIA?

  • EnharmonicKey


    Il y a 2 heures

    I just have to ask, is she breaching national security interests by sharing these stories? LOL

  • iiiDartsiii


    Il y a 2 heures

    no Mrs Doubtfire? that's probably the most realistic hollywood spy ever done.

  • Kaitlyn Frey

    Kaitlyn Frey

    Il y a 2 heures

    my name Jeff

  • H3ll80Y


    Il y a 3 heures

    wait if u dont ever use theyr name on paper how do they get paid?

  • Sadago


    Il y a 3 heures

    Most interesting guest you've ever had

  • Blurry Eyes

    Blurry Eyes

    Il y a 4 heures

    My nam is Jeff

  • Luana Audio

    Luana Audio

    Il y a 4 heures

    Thanks for talking about Virginia Hall, she's as of today added to my gallery "badass women in history"

  • Bori Chernov

    Bori Chernov

    Il y a 4 heures

    OH MY GOD! I know her, she talked to us at my elementary school when I was in 6th grade.

  • Nein


    Il y a 4 heures

    They put in Austin powers but not Sean Bean in legends? lol

  • Ebolaface


    Il y a 5 heures

    16:07 She said "He was dead before he hit the floor" in the same tone that my aunt tells me about her flowers she planted.

  • WillFury


    Il y a 6 heures

    Nevermind, she just said her husband is Antonio J Mendez... somehow they both held the same position at CIA.

  • WillFury


    Il y a 6 heures

    I have this autobiography called "Master of Disguise" written by former CIA Chief of Disguise, Antonio J Mendez. This woman's name is Jonna Mendez and she's also CIA Chief of Disguise. What's really weird is they look similar in the face. Coincidence?🤔

  • Healthy and Loving Life

    Healthy and Loving Life

    Il y a 6 heures

    9:21 "we can arrange anything" Ominous and intimidating!

  • Muzzle Brake

    Muzzle Brake

    Il y a 7 heures

    jeez the editing sucks on this. Mustve been a crappy person headlining this interview to cause all those cuts during the interview

  • Hon Perry Hill

    Hon Perry Hill

    Il y a 7 heures

    Moral of the story: Meghan Fox could be a master disguise

  • Larry Bush

    Larry Bush

    Il y a 8 heures

    First thing I want to say is thank you for your service! What a one-one-of-a-kind career! I did not see Red Sparrow due to the Jennifer's lack of muscle tone. I actually got to see a real "Red Sparrow" type in the early 90's. A group of Soviet ICBM treaty types toured my facility at Vandenberg AFB for START or SALT (I forget which). One Soviet General with lots of ribbons and such had an aid - Very attractive lady (in uniform) but what I noticed is that she had a gymnast or dancers muscle tone, very very fit. No doubt could kill me in a second. We were briefed that a lot of the younger folks would probably be Spetsnatz types. Something I remember to this day.

  • Larry Bush

    Larry Bush

    Il y a 8 heures

    No offense to Jennifer intended either, if you could have seen the real deal you would know what I mean.

  • PelegoRecords


    Il y a 8 heures

    Body Language Analysis:: *Everything She Said They "Don't Do"* ... *They "Do!!!"* [😇]: [🐲] Pierre-Lee Gordon

  • Ben Howard

    Ben Howard

    Il y a 8 heures

    Love Alias so much!! Need to give it a rewatch now

  • PelegoRecords


    Il y a 9 heures

    *"Never Say Anything!!!"* 👽

  • Eredin Bréacc Glas

    Eredin Bréacc Glas

    Il y a 9 heures

    I wouldn't have used 22 jump street, Kingsman or Austin Powers because they're obviously unrealistic for comedic and action purposes

  • O G

    O G

    Il y a 9 heures

    "Jonna Hiestand Mendez is a former chief of disguise in the CIA's Office of Technical Service." We love you, Jonna.

  • O G

    O G

    Il y a 9 heures

    Oh, they wrote the book - The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War Hardcover - May 21, 2019

  • Seyed Abbas Aghaei Niaraki

    Seyed Abbas Aghaei Niaraki

    Il y a 9 heures

    B.S. CIA does use media as a cover for their agents. Jason Rezaeian was a CIA agent caught in Iran and he was using journalism as cover.

  • Ellemphriem Nil

    Ellemphriem Nil

    Il y a 10 heures

    This lady is amazingly charismatic. I also wanna hear her talk about anything really. I'd like to be her relative to be honest.

  • Chamelea Gamers

    Chamelea Gamers

    Il y a 10 heures

    Absolutely love this

  • 1inkdaddy


    Il y a 10 heures

    yes the girl is acting like a spolled child but she is right about WARS FOR OIL & YOU KNOW ITS TRUE

  • Meg


    Il y a 10 heures

    She's casually cool.

  • NeOmega


    Il y a 10 heures

    Wow, I didn't know that she could speak publicly about it. Is that even legal? It was super entertaining to watch, don't get me wrong, but isn't she giving away some CIA secrets?

  • Techni Myoko

    Techni Myoko

    Il y a 10 heures

    re: dressing like clowns

  • Huron .Blackheart

    Huron .Blackheart

    Il y a 10 heures

    "You look like a workman, you're fine..." I remember years ago watching The Real Hustle and the sheer number of cons they pulled simply because no-one checked if a guy in a hi-vis jacket was legit, it's probably one of the most powerful pieces of clothing for preventing people getting suspicious.

  • Techni Myoko

    Techni Myoko

    Il y a 10 heures

    Clark also slouches, changes his voice, his hair, his mannerisms. As Lex said, you'd never suspect it was him because you'd never suspect a literal God would disguise himself as one of us.

  • poweronia


    Il y a 11 heures

    Saying that they never use religious figures, media and peace corps as cover makes me think that they regularly use them as cover.

  • Kerry Martin

    Kerry Martin

    Il y a 11 heures

    god the way this is edited is irritating, she's great though!

  • Rinzler


    Il y a 12 heures

    "...but we can arrange....anything." Is anyone else terrified by that statement?

  • theTenthlife


    Il y a 4 heures

    Yes. This lady is equal parts fascinating and terrifying.

  • Cris Peralta

    Cris Peralta

    Il y a 13 heures

    27:14 Belle Delphin Bathwater

  • Sierra Morales

    Sierra Morales

    Il y a 14 heures

    Superman doesnt count

  • Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves

    Il y a 14 heures

    As a German who, I am shocked. I never thought of it up until now, but if I see someone leaving their thumb out while counting on their fingers... it's kind of weird...



    Il y a 15 heures

    lol. never infiltrate religion, journalism or the peace corps. like super lol lady. fool someone else.

  • kuchodin


    Il y a 15 heures

    as zooey deschanel demonstrated, superman's disguise wasnt the glasses but the fringe

  • Xspurr


    Il y a 16 heures

    Motherf***er! Let her talk. The small "inserts" are extremely annoying.

  • Danijela Pehar

    Danijela Pehar

    Il y a 16 heures


  • ithinkitsaurus


    Il y a 17 heures

    uh wait, that was half an hour? i just couldn't stop watching. great video

  • Swedish Otaku

    Swedish Otaku

    Il y a 17 heures

    Woman have so much power in getting what they want thanks to seduction.

  • Inliight Society

    Inliight Society

    Il y a 19 heures

    lmao I love how she describes things lmaooooo

  • Pam Cota

    Pam Cota

    Il y a 19 heures

    Great and you have saved lies ! Happy to hear my profession as an Actor at times has helped you. Hollywood writers can indeed come up with some interesting ideas. Touche to a woman who is master of disguises. !!

  • Dhwani Anand

    Dhwani Anand

    Il y a 20 heures

    i thought it was halsey in the thumbnail

  • Philip Cariño

    Philip Cariño

    Il y a 20 heures

    I love Alias!

  • 1zin1


    Il y a 21 heure

    Whoever edited the clips to respond to her are the goat.

  • Michael Fiorilla

    Michael Fiorilla

    Il y a 23 heures

    This has been extremely fun! You guys should do an entire other feature about human rights violations where she has to justify her departments' involvement in them.

  • charlsey26


    Il y a jour

    Doesn't use media as a cover ... Operation Mockingbird.

  • Fuzzymoon Beam

    Fuzzymoon Beam

    Il y a jour

    what a fascinating lady! she should just tell spy stories, would watch

  • ssdd440


    Il y a jour

    how can we actually trust anything that she's saying if she was formerly a member of the CIA?

  • f fs

    f fs

    Il y a jour

    I love the media celeb-izing and glorifying politicians and federal operatives. Will she do a cute meme vid with Obama so Ellen can talk about it?

  • KayAvery


    Il y a jour

    When she talked about changing a person's pallet and how it didn't change the persons voice but gave them a lisp.. all I could think about is how I magically get a lisp when I am wearing a retainer Also is it weird that I have wigs and different outfits to match their personalities in which I will use for different occasions when meeting with different people.. and that I will do my makeup to match whoever "I am" and that I have 25 different names.... am I Roger the Alien or am I a spy.. the world may never know lmao

  • lac92576


    Il y a jour

    2 mins in, I love how she praised Alias as that's one of my favourite shows! However, I thought she would say the disguises Sydney uses were outrageous and too fake looking. But I'm glad she said they were spot on :)

  • hawkins347


    Il y a 11 heures

    Sometimes it's not about how plausible a disguise looks but how you inhabit it.

  • White Noise

    White Noise

    Il y a jour

    4:44 Well that's a lie.

  • OU812


    Il y a jour

    So what's the poison that kills you so fast that you're dead before you hit the floor?

  • ray32245mv


    Il y a jour

    3 covers that are "banned" - Religious, Media, Peace Corps..... let's take that with a grain of salt for a moment while we contemplate the fact that she did NOT say doctors, celebrities, or sports. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

  • TheHandleSticks66


    Il y a jour

    The movie about the soviet women spies seems like some classic McCarthyism.

  • jv jv

    jv jv

    Il y a jour

    she needs her own show where shes just telling all of those cool stories.

  • TarlanT


    Il y a jour

    She and her husband are true Mr & Mrs Smith