Cleaning The Dirtiest Jordan's Ever! $650 Air Jordan DMP 11's Back to NEW!


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Paint Brush Set:
Painter’s Tape:
Cotton Balls:
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  • John Manalo

    John Manalo

    Il y a mois

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  • brooke walls

    brooke walls

    Il y a 2 jours

    This guy doesn't answer anyone's questions 🤣🤣🤣

  • JataviaC.


    Il y a 6 jours

    John Manalo can u tell me whats everything u use for ur uv light set up

  • HolmesTJ


    Il y a 14 jours

    @Uchenna Ndubuisi it sucks

  • HolmesTJ


    Il y a 14 jours

    @Sneantique You can order very cheap mirrors with just the reflective material on a sheet of wood etc, then all you have to do is cut it to the size you want, tinfoil would work also, it is only so the shoe gets an even amount of light.

  • Howard Swing

    Howard Swing

    Il y a 55 minutes


  • Jen Hgcsaatg

    Jen Hgcsaatg

    Il y a heure

    Lol when I was younger like 2012 I had these shoes on my bratz dolls

  • Alex Doty

    Alex Doty

    Il y a heure

    Digs up body to get a pair of J’s

  • D- FENQ

    D- FENQ

    Il y a heure

    want to protect sneaker sole ? but still worry about the slipeerly sole protect ? please hit up to our channel We have a new HD (High Durable) sole protect, non slip good grip and to serve your kick now

  • nathan mendoza

    nathan mendoza

    Il y a 2 heures

    that datu puti bottles

  • Sabo Gray

    Sabo Gray

    Il y a 3 heures

    So one thing i dont understand is how tgese shoes got all fucked up pan leather and shit but the soles still have threads as deep as the mariana trench. Were they walking the shoes upside down?

  • Eva Storsberg

    Eva Storsberg

    Il y a 5 heures

    or you buy new ones😳

  • Tori Clarke

    Tori Clarke

    Il y a 9 heures

    So triggered by those bugs at 1:06 😷

  • Axel Chavez

    Axel Chavez

    Il y a 9 heures

    or just buy a new pair...

  • swa99surffin


    Il y a 9 heures

    You are the fuckin GOAT! Excellent work bro my friend just starting out in this field u should offer classes

  • not christian

    not christian

    Il y a 10 heures

    just buy new ones

  • Jack B

    Jack B

    Il y a 11 heures

    Or you could not dump soil on it

  • nicholas G

    nicholas G

    Il y a 12 heures

    Yo I’m really impressed. This isn’t “cleaning a shoe”. This is genuine skill and talent.

  • 1945otto


    Il y a 13 heures

    With this skill you cleaning the Jordan is a kind of waste, you should go restore some art for example.

  • Mazie Peter

    Mazie Peter

    Il y a 13 heures

    Omg please clean my white converse!!!



    Il y a 14 heures

    Can we just think about how good of a life those bugs had

  • iRaqiUzi TV

    iRaqiUzi TV

    Il y a 15 heures

    i thought the right shoe patent leather looked kinda clean ngl

  • Haku Yuki

    Haku Yuki

    Il y a 15 heures

    Who was the dumb fuck who tried to use a pair of Jordan’s as a *Time Capsule*

  • Renee Elias

    Renee Elias

    Il y a 15 heures

    Who are these people who buy these ridiculously expensive shoes then f them up so badly? Excellent work Man!

  • Alisha Arif

    Alisha Arif

    Il y a 15 heures

    damn. And i feel proud by doing my own laundry...

  • SkinnyLegendNigger


    Il y a 15 heures

    Imagen u walkin thru the mall with these before and then the ppl always cleaning shoes see this...

  • TheFakeDiamond


    Il y a 17 heures

    He Spent More Time And Money Than going to a Shop and buy new Ones

  • Jared Revilla

    Jared Revilla

    Il y a 17 heures

    Pinoy ka ehh!

  • big chungas fungas

    big chungas fungas

    Il y a 18 heures

    God of shoe cleaning

  • heavenly waterbug

    heavenly waterbug

    Il y a 19 heures

    They make these in china for 6.00 and sell them to stupid Americans for hundreds retards.

  • Alana Heng

    Alana Heng

    Il y a 19 heures

    Smh. Why did they try to put the shoes in the ground. Yeah they will grow more jordan’s

  • Emilija Vasiljevic

    Emilija Vasiljevic

    Il y a 19 heures


  • Joe L

    Joe L

    Il y a 19 heures

    Damn Daniel

  • faat ach

    faat ach

    Il y a 20 heures

    youtube recommendations got me againnn lolll 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zeon Cohen

    Zeon Cohen

    Il y a 21 heure

    And total cost for all these cleanings is $720. Overall lost $70.

  • Harley Newsome

    Harley Newsome

    Il y a 21 heure

    Like us ppl can get any of these products just to clean our shoes!! You don't randomly find all these cleaning stuff out of a shop🤦 dude this ain't cheap🤦😂

  • Queen Neal

    Queen Neal

    Il y a 22 heures

    That was not a cleaning that was one hellva snap back of breaking down and rebuilding. 😜💞 Awesome job!!!!

  • ski past

    ski past

    Il y a 22 heures

    3:29 I thought the guy in the black and pink was lil pump

  • Justice Davis

    Justice Davis

    Il y a 23 heures

    What’s the name of the place he gets the shoes from again? I couldn’t really hear it

  • Lena


    Il y a 23 heures

    Wow 😮😍

  • Giovonna Childress

    Giovonna Childress

    Il y a 23 heures

    im bout 2 seconds away from sending this dude some shoes and having him clean them



    Il y a jour

    Girlfriend: looks at mans Jordan 11’s sitting on the floor Girlfriend : watches this video Girlfriend: I CAN DO THIS

  • Ezio Auditore

    Ezio Auditore

    Il y a jour

    King Bach want’s your address

  • Talmai Donadelle

    Talmai Donadelle

    Il y a jour

    👍🏾 good job

  • Vira Lane Woods

    Vira Lane Woods

    Il y a jour

    Absolute magic like damn

  • ă çûťıə

    ă çûťıə

    Il y a jour

    No one : Him: badabim badaboom badem badum and youre done

  • DaMidget Pandacorn

    DaMidget Pandacorn

    Il y a jour

    1:16 XD

  • JunoPC18


    Il y a jour

    Yo im watching from the Philippines ( mahal ko vids mo ) translate i ( i like your vids )

  • Ericka Merielle Gimenez

    Ericka Merielle Gimenez

    Il y a jour

    Check this

  • Gualberto Rodriguez

    Gualberto Rodriguez

    Il y a jour


  • Jenabelle C.

    Jenabelle C.

    Il y a jour

    How do people dislike a video like this ??! 😱

  • Marisa Carrasco

    Marisa Carrasco

    Il y a jour

    Wow that is Beautiful

  • iiJustFun


    Il y a jour

    Fuckin plottwist man

  • babyface_rayven _

    babyface_rayven _

    Il y a jour

    Now who would do that to the shoe

  • Livvy Warburton

    Livvy Warburton

    Il y a jour

    Did you see that bug on the side at 1:07

  • 100 subs to stop squeaky kids

    100 subs to stop squeaky kids

    Il y a jour

    Those are not outdoor crickets those are the same crickets I see in the pet shop

  • Aila Teh

    Aila Teh

    Il y a jour

    the way he talks about it sounds like some make up tutorial 😂

  • The Random Youtuber

    The Random Youtuber

    Il y a jour

    When you realise cleaning the shoes cost you more than buying a new pair.

  • The Random Youtuber

    The Random Youtuber

    Il y a jour

    @Young Savior true af🤣

  • Young Savior

    Young Savior

    Il y a jour

    But HE can sell them and get his money back

  • Mashoor Avishek

    Mashoor Avishek

    Il y a jour


  • Kelvin Chan

    Kelvin Chan

    Il y a jour

    Probably sold on StockX after the video

  • Jasmine Somsri

    Jasmine Somsri

    Il y a jour

    Bro I need you to be cleaning my white Nike’s there not that dirty it’s just idk anymore 😂

  • Godsend Djoker

    Godsend Djoker

    Il y a jour

    manalo means to win😂.. i think your half filipino?

  • Jesus Esquivel

    Jesus Esquivel

    Il y a jour

    Kaporo sauce.

  • Oh YeAh Mr.Kool-Aid man Oh YeAh

    Oh YeAh Mr.Kool-Aid man Oh YeAh

    Il y a jour

    1:17 I’m dead

  • Roman Bryant

    Roman Bryant

    Il y a jour

    I dont get why people spend so much money on shoes...



    Il y a jour

    You've obviously just intentionally destroyed a pair of Jordans so you could make a few bucks on you tube. You are not a real sneaker head.

  • Lou Standards

    Lou Standards

    Il y a jour

    Sneaker head is to music fan what a concert pianist is to this guy. Whole other level.

  • Giovan Gonzalez

    Giovan Gonzalez

    Il y a jour

    see you like tom macdonald

  • Charles Lile

    Charles Lile

    Il y a jour

    Their retro 11s

  • Taneia Powers

    Taneia Powers

    Il y a jour

    This is really helpful.thx

  • Someone


    Il y a jour

    DMP =Dump Duhhhh........

  • •Blxssxm•


    Il y a jour

    Alright y'all so we gonna exam these shoes he- WHAT THE FU- Me: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;) :3

  • Grecia Tapia

    Grecia Tapia

    Il y a jour

    The bugs made me cringe

  • Ivory Vaughn

    Ivory Vaughn

    Il y a jour

    Was it just me or did I see the bugs before he did 🤣🥴🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof

    Il y a jour

    Why are shoes so pricey